Wednesday, 29 August 2012

I have just found this story in my files have a read

Pamper Punishment

Jasmine lay in her bed, sulking in the dark. God, How could she have done something so stupid? And furthermore, how could she have been caught?
Earlier that night, she and her best friend, Zoe, Had spray painted nasty slogans on Stacy Carmacks car. She deserved it! Stacy was such a greasy creep! Besides, it was the last day of high school; possibly the last time either girl would ever see Stacy. They just HAD to get her back for all the things she and her friends had done to Jasmine and Zoe. It had been a running contest since the first grade; which side could thing of a meaner, grosser and (in some cases) more painful prank on the other side; Stacy and her goons or Jasmine and her group. Jasmine friends where more of the cheerleader types (and later on in life, most, including Jasmine, where) where as Stacy and her friends where more of the artistic, anti-fashion chicks. Over the years, they had done everything under the sun to each other; Whoopie cushions, Itching powder in the bra, Ex-lax brownies...and then there was the really horrible stuff. Then today, the last day of classes, Stacy had placed 50 girly magazines in Jasmine's Locker. When she opened it, they spilled out all over. She was so Embarrassed! Not to mention pissed off! So, she and Zoe had hatched a plane. It was half baked at best and the punishment didn't really fit the crime, but Jasmine was so mad, she would have done ANYTHING to get back at Stacy! They went to Mike Carlson's end of the year party and had a great time. And at 1:30 AM, Jasmine and Zoe quietly slipped away. One quick stop at Stacy's and they where both back in Zoe's car laughing at how funny they where, how smart they where and how no one would ever find out. Zoe dropped Jasmine off, both girls noting that the living room light was on. Jasmine could see her mothers head in the window.
'That's odd', she thought. 'Mom must've forgot she extended my curfew tonight. Oh well, no big deal.' She said her goodbye to Zoe, telling her she'd call her in the morning and they go shopping or something; after all, it was Summer!
Jasmine walked through the door, set down her jacket and walked into the living room. She smiled at her Mom. "Hi mom," she said in a cheery voice, "Thanks for extending my curfew tonight, I had a great time at the party," she said, dropping a brod hint, hoping that she'd remember and they could avoid the argument she knew was coming if she didn't.
"Jasmine," her mother began, "we need to have a talk." Jasmine turned pale, her stomach began to flip flop.
'Oh god,' she though, 'She knows!!!' She ran a hand through her long blond hair and flashed her mom her winning smile, the smile that got made the boys drool and forget that she wasn't the most well endowed girl in the world. "Oh," she said, trying (but not quite succeeding) to remove all the shake from her voice, "What about?"
"I got a call from Mrs. Carmack, she says she saw you and Zoe spray painting AWFUL things on her car!" She gave Jasmine the look; the one that said 'Please, tell me you didn't do it!' Jasmine Looked at her feet, not wanting to meet her mother's gaze. "Is it true?" Her mom asked in a hurt voice. Jasmine couldn't lie to her.
"Yes, mom," she said in a tiny voice. Her mother got a look of such disappointment on her face. She had preyed it wasn't true. In a calm, quite voice, she said "Go to your room." Solely, Jasmine walked up the stairs and into her room, shutting the door behind her.
Downstairs, Abby, Jasmine's mom picked up the phone and called Zoe's mom. "Bridget, it's Abby. Jasmine just told me...yes...God, I know. I'm so disappointed. What? No, I have no idea what I'm going to do....Yeah...Well, I've got to go. I'll call if I think of anything. Yep. Ok, bye." Abby hung up the phone and sat down in the large, overstuffed easy chair in the living room. 'God', she though, 'how could this have happened? Was I really such a bad mother?' She picked up the picture that sat on the table next to the chair. It was of Jasmine and Zoe, age one and a half. They both looked so cute, dozing in their playpen. She remember how easy it was to deal with them then. How cute and sweet they where. Suddenly, It dawned on her! She knew what to do! She smiled and picked up the phone and called Bridget. These girl's would learn, one way or another...
Jasmine's eyes fluttered open. She yawned and stretched her arms above her head and rolled onto her back. She glanced at her clock. Eleven AM?! gosh, she'd really slept in. Why hadn't her mom come in to wake her up yet? Usually when she when she came in late and her mom was pissed, her mom would send Jasmine to bed so she could simmer down a little, to avoid any unpleasantness, and then wake her up bright and early. Jasmine's dad had taught her that. Jasmine missed her daddy. He had died long ago, when Jasmine was 12. She had inherited his height (barley 5 feet) but certainly not his looks (he often told Jasmine that she looked just like her mother, shrunk down). This was true. Except for the height, Jasmine was the spitting image of her mother (a very pretty face, long blond hair, and a nice little figure). She hadn't, however, inherited ether of their temperament. Both her parents where fightsy, strong willed people. Jasmine, on the other hand, tended to be just a tad more passive. It usually took Zoe to get her whipped up enough to pull anything (like the car stunt).
Any further thoughts where interested as Jasmine's mom opened the door and stood in the door way, beaming at her daughter. 'Wow, she's smiling' thought Jasmine. 'Wonder what's up'. Abby walked over and sat on Jasmines bed, smiling and running her hand through Jasmine's long hair.
"Hi, sweetie," she whispered, "how's mommy's baby doing this morning?" Jasmine, shifted, a little.
"F-fine," she stuttered, just a little nervous. Abby smiled and nodded.
"Good. Now, about that naughty business last night..." Jasmine whinsed. Here it came the punishment.
"Let me guess; No allowance until it's paid off?" Jasmine said. Her mom laughed.
"Sweetie," she said, "that's just the beginning." Jasmine shifted nervously under the covers. "but we'll talk about that nasty stuff later," she said. "you go and shower now." Jasmine quickly climbed out of bed. This sounded bad. She quickly left her room and climbed into the shower. She took her time, not in any particular hurry to face whatever her mom had cooked up for her. After a while, she came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her body and she used another to dry her hair. She heard her mom call from her bed room. "Jasmine, come here". Jasmine walked into her mom's room, a little confused. She was even more confused at the scene before her. Her mom stood behind her bed, in front of what looked like a doctors examining table. On the bed sat a stack of diapers, a couple of pairs of plastic panties, a bottle of baby powder and some more baby items.
What's going on?" Jasmine asked, drying her hair.
"well.." her mother began.
Jasmine cut her off, "is Cousin Suzey coming to stay? Ohhh, she so cute..."
"Um, no, not quite..."
"Are you babysitting Mrs. Jones's little one?"
"Well, then who's all this stuff for?" Jasmine asked confused. Her mom walked over to her, looked her straight in the eye and said, in a voice that chilled Jasmine to the bone:
"It's for you, sweetie!"
Jasmine gave her mom a confused look. At first, she looked a little worried. Then, she gave a nervous giggle.
"wa-what do you mean it's for me?" she stuttered. Her mom moved behind her and began to massage Jasmine's bare shoulders.
"I mean I'm sick of your naughty-ness. I'm sick of the fact that you never lessen. I'm tired of feeling like a bad mother because I can't control you anymore. You need to do some growing up, missy! So, I've decided that beginning now, and ending indefinitely, you will be dressed and treated just like a two year old."Jasmine just stood, shocked. Her mom patted her on the bum. "Ok, sweetie, drop that towel and climb up onto the table." Jasmine turned, a scared look on her face.
"Muh-mom?" she said nervously. Abby pulled at the towel wrapped around her daughter.
"Now really, honey, don't fret, I think you'll find this is for the best." She took Jasmine by the hand and began to pull her towards the table. She struggled. "Jasmine...Come!" Abby commanded.
"NO!" Jasmine screeched. She began to cry. 'Oh God,' she thought, 'this can't be happening'. Her mom pulled her into a hug. She began to whisper soothing things in her ear and gently stroke her hair. Jasmine was still crying hysterically.
"There there, baby" . She pushed Jasmines hair from her eyes. Finally, she began to calm. Abby picked her , holding her in a tight hug. Jasmine wrapped her legs around her Mom's waist as she was carried by the larger woman to the changing table. She was laid down on her back, still crying. Abby took the large cloth diaper and set it under Jasmines bottom. She then took some baby oil and slowly rubbed it onto Jasmine's crotch and bum. Her mom paid plenty of attention to her butt-crack, rubbing it all over her butt hole. Jasmine got upset and began to cry again. "Shhhhhhh...shhhhhhhh... Don't cry, honey." She began to hum a soothing tune as she reached for the baby powder.
Jasmine tried to stop crying, tried to get a hold on herself, but she just couldn't stop. She couldn't believe this was happening! It was all like some horrible dream. But as her mom began to sprinkle the white powder onto her crotch, she realized that it was real, and there was nothing she could do.
Abby lifted Jasmine's butt off the diaper and sprinkled some powder on her bum. She then set her back down on the diaper and pulled it up between her legs and fastened it around her hips with the tapes. "There, there, honey. See, it's not that bad, is it?" Jasmine sniffled. Her mom picked her up off the table and set her on her feet. She gently stroked her cheek and smiled warmly. Then, Abby reached to the bed beside her and picked up a pink sleeper. Jasmine recognized the outfit, she used to ware it to bed when she was younger, about 15 or so. She couldn't believe her mom had kept it.
Abby moved to Jasmine's side and put her feet into the booties at the end of the legs. She slipped the sleeper up and over her body, feeding her arms through the sleeves. She zipped up the back and it was done. Jasmine stood, dazed, in her diaper and sleeper. She looked down at herself, and for the first time noticed the picture of the little fluffy bunny her mom had sewn into the front. She looked so childish! Abby walked around behind her and put her hair in pig tails, tying them up with a pair of red ribbons. Abby sat on the bed and pulled Jasmine towards her. She lifted her small daughter onto her lap and held her in a tight hug. She gentle stroked her cheek and smiled comfortingly and wiped away Jasmines tears. "Mommy's baby looks so cute today," she smiled. Abby stood up , still cradling Jasmine in her arms. She reached down and picked up the pacifier that sat on the bed and popped it into Jasmines mouth. "Now Jasmine had better not drop that, or mommy will be very mad and spank Jasmine!", she said, giving her a few illustrative pats on the bottom. Jasmine tightened her teeth around the nipple.
Abby carried Jasmine down stairs to the living room. She sat on the couch and held Jasmine in her lap. Abby smiled at her and tickled her under her chin. Jasmine flinched a little. There came a knock at the door. Abby lifted Jasmine off her lap and set her down on the couch. "You just lie there for a sec, Jazzy," she said. As Abby left the room, Jasmine shifted trying to get used to the bulk of the diaper under her. She looked down at her flannel covered body. She looked just like a giant baby. She began to cry, soft whimpers coming from behind the pacifier. Just then, Abby came back in, followed by several men carrying boxes and tools. "Just up the stairs and to the right," Abby said, giving the men directions to Jasmine's room.
"Thank you, Ma’am. We'll be here for a while, probably all day... I don't think you'll want to hang around, is there someplace you can go?" Abby smiled and picked up Jasmine.
"As a matter of fact, we do!" she said in a cheery voice. The man nodded, gave Jasmine a funny look and went up stairs. Jasmine became worried. Where were they going? Abby carried Jasmine out to the car. She opened the back door and strapped Jasmine in. "Mommy's going to have to get Jazzy a car seat" Abby said, stroking Jasmine's nose with her finger. She closed the door and went around to the drivers side and climbed in. As they drove, Jasmine sat and thought, sucking the soother. Where were they going? What was going to happen? Before she knew it, they had stopped. Jasmine looked up. OH GOD NO! They where at Zoe's house! Oh no... her best friend was going to see her like this, reduced to a little baby! Abby unstrapped Jasmine and carried her to the door. She rang the door bell.. A moment later, Bridget, Zoe's mom, opened the door. She smiled.
"Hi, come in, come in" She said. Abby stepped in, Jasmine in toe. Bridget smiled and tickled Jasmine under her chin. "My my, aren't we cute today?" She cooed. Jasmine blushed and buried her face in her mother's shoulder. Bridget and Abby smiled. They walked into the living room. Jasmin heard Bridget say "Zoe, look who's here!" Jasmine looked up and was shocked with what she saw.
There sat Zoe, confined to a large play pen, warring a pink bonnet, booties, and a pink Baby-doll dress that was so short it hardly coved her large, bulky diaper and plastic pants.... 
For Jasmine and Zoe, the whole world seemed to freeze for a moment as they sat and stared at each other. Neither could believe it; their best friend, reduced to a cute little diaper warring baby. Finally, Zoe's mom broke the silence.
"Well, I'll bet these little ones are hungry! Lets get them some breakfast!"
"I can't believe this!" thought Jasmine. She and Zoe sat in Bridget's kitchen in two large high chairs. The trays where locked in place over their arms and their little bootied feet didn't even touch the ground. They struggled, their pacifiers stuck in their mouths, whimpering desperately, praying for some sort of miracle, praying that their mom's would come to their senses. Prayers that weren’t going to be answered.
Abby and Bridget where sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for Jasmine and Zoe's food to heat up a little in the microwave. Bridget was explaining just what it was they where feeding the kids.
"It's a VERY high fiber oatmeal, to make them nice and regular. After all..." she smiled and brushed her long brown hair from her eyes, "There's nothing worse that a cranky, constipated baby!" They both laughed. Jasmine shot Zoe a worried look, which Zoe returned. The microwave beeped and Abby and Bridget pulled the warmed oatmeal from inside. They set the bowls on the tray and let them cool a bit before pulling their pacifiers from their mouths and scooping up a large spoonful of the gooey mess towards their daughters mouths. Jasmine closed her lips tight.
"Come on, Baby," Abby urged, "open up!" She reached out and tickled Jasmines tummy. Jasmine began to giggle and as her mouth opened, her mom shoveled the pasty mess into her mouth. Actually, it wasn't that bad (Jasmine liked oatmeal) but the humiliation of being was all too much!
Zoe wasn't going to take this as easily as Jasmine! She kept her mouth shut up tight. Even when her mommy tickled her belly.
"Zoe! Stop being so difficult!" Bridget said in an irritated voice. "What's wrong, honey? Why aren't you eating, usually, you... Oh, I know what wrong." She set the spoon in the oatmeal and crossed her arms. "You haven't done you morning poo-poo. have you?" Zoe suddenly looked panicked. Her mom reached down and began to massage Zoe's tummy. "There's no room in there to restock the shelves, huh?" She said in baby talk. Zoe began to squirm. It was true, her back end was quite full. She was hoping to avoid doing it in her diaper, or at least wait until she was alone. But as her mom continued to apply gentle pressure to her abdomen, she knew that she was going to mess herself. And there was no way out. In desperation, she pleaded,
"No mommy, please don't make me poop myself! I'll be good, I'll eat my breakfast I...I'll..." Zoe winced. She clenched her sphincter with all her might, but in the end, it was to no avail. Zoe let out a giant fart and began to fill her diaper with a big, semi-solid load. She began to cry harder. Bridget took Zoe into her arms.
"Oh, there there, sweetie." She pulled back a bit and looked into her eyes, wiping the tears from her cheeks. "Let's go get that messy tushie cleaned up, ok?" Bridget unlocked the tray from the front of Zoe's high chair and lifted her daughter from the seat. She hugged Zoe tightly and carried her into the living room. Jasmine, who had been watching the scene closely, was treated to a view of the seat of Zoe's very full diaper. She shivered. Soon, that would be her. 
After breakfast, Jasmine and Zoe's mom's carried them out to the living room and sat on the couch, each holding their small daughters in their laps. Zoe was still sobbing gently from her earlier ordeal. Bridget reached into the diaper bag next to the couch and pulled out two big bottles of milk. She handed one to Abby, and with little resistance, popped the nipple into Zoe's mouth. Bridget stroked Zoe's bonnet covered head.
"There there, sweetie. Drink up for mommy." Zoe Began to gently suck as her mom rubbed her tummy.
Meanwhile, Abby was having a little more trouble with Jasmine.
"Come on Jazzy," She said smiling, "drink up!" Finally, the nipple penetrated her lips and Jasmine began to suck. As the girls drank, Abby and Bridget spoke.
"Ok girls," said Bridget, "Time to discuss the terms of your punishment."
"Number one," said Abby, "you are in diapers for a reason. No using the toilet for the duration of your punishment. The only time either of you will be in the bathroom is for baths."
"Number two," said Bridget, "don't even THINK about taking off your diapers. That's what mommies are for. We, or an approved sitter, will take care of all your nappy needs."
""Speaking of sitters," Abby interjected, "Since Zoe's mom and I have to work, we've hired a pair of students to watch you two while we're at work. They said they'd be dropping by today for a little meet and geet." As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. Bridget stood up, setting Zoe in a sitting position on the couch.
"That must be them! I'll get it!" she pranced off to get the door. Moments later she returned, sitters in tow. Jasmine looked over and almost screamed.
Just behind Zoe's mom stood Little Julie Smith and Annette Johnson...
Julie smiled at Jasmine, and Jasmine cringed, trying to snuggle in closer to her mommy. Jasmine used to baby sit for Julie when she was 14 and Julie was 11. She used to tease her unmercifully, dressing her up like a 4 year old and taking her to the mall, showing her off to all her friends so they could laugh at her. Julie held her small hand up and waved a little wave at Jasmine.
"Hi Jazzy!" she said grinning. She pranced over to Jasmine, kneeled down and pinched her cheek. "We're going to have so much FUN this summer!" She began to tickle her tummy. Jasmine began to squirm around in her mom's lap, whimpering around the large nipple of the pacifier her mom had popped into her mouth and looped around her neck by a pink satin ribbon after her feeding. Zoe had one just like it. "I believe you both know Annette," Julie said, gesturing in the small teen's direction. Annette smiled and pushed her dark hair from her eyes. Indeed, both Jasmine and Zoe knew Annette. They used to tease the small girl unmercifully in Jounior high.
"Hi!" she said with glee. She walked over to Zoe, knelled down and began to tickle her under her chin. "Hi, Zoe," she smirked, "remember me?". Zoe cringed. She began to whimper and moan as her mom picked her up and sat her down on the couch. Jasmine's mom followed suit, plopping Jasmine down next to Zoe. The diaper felt strange and thick under her. She wasn't used to sitting so high.
"Ok, you girls play nice with your new sitters" giggled Jasmine's mom.
"we're going out for a bit, but we'll be back soon."
"Ok, don't worry, we'll take good care of the baby's" Annette assured Bridget and Abby, grinning widely. Abby smirked.
"I'm sure you will" And with that, the two mothers where gone, leaving Jasmine and Zoe alone with the Baby sitters.
They all heard the door close. Annette and Julie turned their attention back to the 18-year-old baby sitting on the couch before them. Jasmine looked at the two teens in awe. They had grown since the last time she'd seen them…they where almost a foot taller than she was! She could tell Zoe was thinking like-wise; the pretty brunette had a very worried look on her sweet face.
"Well," said Julie to Annette, "What shall we do with our young charges?" She giggled.
"Hmmmm," said Annette, putting a finger to her chin, pretending to think it over. "I don't know. It's such a lovely day! Maybe we could take them out back to play in the sun!" Zoe got a panicked look on her face. She quickly spit out her pacifier. It hung down to the middle of her chest.
"No, please not that!" she begged, "all my neighbours will be out on their deck's! Please, please don't do this! I've learned my lesson! Honest!" She began to cry , tears streaming down her cheek.
"Oh oh," said Julie, "Baby Zoe-woey was speaking grown-up! You know what that means, Annette!"
"Sure do," said Annette in a sing-songey voice. "Punishment!" The two girls began to advance on Zoe.
"No! NO! Please, don't punish me, I'll be good! I'll be goooooooooood!" She squealed as Julie placed her hands under Zoe's arms and lifted her up, carrying her to the chair in the middle of the living room and sat down, putting Zoe across her lap. "Don't you dare you little bitch!" she screamed. Julie shot Annette a look. Annette nodded and kneeled in front of Zoe, who was still throwing a tantrum. "I swear I'll get you for this! I'll-MUPH!" Annette pushed the pacifier into her mouth. She began to kick violently. She knew what was coming. She began to cry again as Julie took down her plastic pants and unfastened her diaper, pulling it off her snow-white butt. She began to gently pat it with her open palm, sternly lecturing as she went.
"Young lady," she began, "your behaviour is inexcusable." She began to spank harder and faster now, the carefully measured SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Ringing out in the room. "First, you spoke grown up…" she began to spank harder and faster now. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "Then, you said a Bad word…" even harder and faster, now. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "And worst of all! You contradicted us!" She was almost at full power now, but now quite. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! "And because you can't behave, you're going to have one sore, red butt young lady!" She was now hitting at full force. SMACKSMACKSMACKSMACKSMACKSMACK! Zoe just cried and tried to squirm out of the way, her formerly white bum going pink to red to purple! She squealed and cried, begging from behind her pacifier, promising to be good. Jasmine stared in awe and fear, and she tightened her teeth around her own smoother and shivered…
Annette held Jasmine and Zoe's hands while Julie spread a large pink blanket out on the ground. She sat down and crossed her legs, pulling the large baby bag Jasmines mom left behind into her lap. She opened it up and began to rummage around while Annette led a very reluctant Jasmine and Zoe over to the blanket. Just as Zoe predicted, her elderly next door neighbours where out on their deck, sipping lemonade. They stared at the two 18 year olds, dressed up like babies and in the care of two obviously younger girls. Julie smiled and waved at them. They both shyly waved back and tried to get back to their conversation, but nether could recall what it was they where discussing. So they turned their attention back to the bizarre scene just over the fence. Jasmine saw that the old couple where starring at them. She turned to Zoe and blushed. Zoe's eyes where still red from crying after the spanking and Jasmine noticed that she was sitting on her knees with her bum off the ground. Julie pulled two bottles from the bag. "Snack time!" she exclaimed. She handed one of the bottles to Annette, who quickly pulled Zoe into her lap, pulled out the pacifier and stuck in the nipple. The humiliation was too much, and Zoe began to cry again.
"Oh Zoe!" Annette cooed happily, stroking Zoe's head through the pink bonnet, "don't be so sad!" Jasmine was shifting on Julie lap, trying to get comfortable. The sun was out and her sleeper was getting warm. It was even hotter inside her diaper. What was more, her bladder was getting full. She had to go! It wasn't helping that Julie was gently rubbing her tummy, putting slight pressure on her bladder. She had to hold on. She clamped all her muscles and stopped sucking for a moment. Julie gave her a hard pat on the back, and Jasmine almost lost it.
"Come on, Jazzy," she prompted "drink up!" Jasmine began to slowly suck again. Julie smiled and began to rub her tummy again. Jasmine was determined to hold on just a little longer. Maybe even 'til her mom got home. However, the combination of the warm milk and the gentle pressure on her bladder soon proved too much for her. She let out a spurt of warm pee. Jasmine was mortified, but it was just a tad. Julie would never know. It didn't even feel so bad. It was kind of nice and warm and squishy. However, it was also very relaxing, and soon Jasmine couldn't help it anymore. Her aching muscles just couldn't hold on anymore. With a quiet hissing noise, Jasmine flooded her diaper with warm pee. Her eyes shot wide open and she began to softly cry. Julie began to stroke away her tears. "There there, little one. Don't cry. Shhhhhh…Shhhhh… Don't worry. I don't mind that you wet yourself. You're a baby. Babies do that sort of thing! Don't worry sweetie…I'll get you all cleaned up!" Julie lifted Jasmine up and lay her on her tummy. Julie took the zipper between her thumb and forefinger and unzipped it. She slipped it off the crying Jasmine and set it aside. She them rolled Jasmine onto her back and took off the plastic panties. Then she undid the pins and took of the wet diaper. It had a huge yellow stain in the crotch. The cool breeze felt very nice on Jasmines hot skin, cooling her right off. The she realised she was naked! Outside! She blushed bright red as she saw the elderly couple giggling at her predicament. Jasmine turned away and continued to cry. Julie took out the powder, oil and diaper cream. First, she oiled Jasmine right up, making sure to get it in her butt crack, just like her mom did. She put the oil aside and picked up the powder and began to dust it across Jasmines crotch. Then, she lifted Jasmine's legs and powdered all over her little dimpled butt. Julie then put powder on Jasmine's tummy and chest. She even got some in her face, causing her to sneeze. Julie smiled at Annette. "Oh, look Annette. The baby just sneezed! Isn't she cute?" Annette, still holding Zoe in her lap smiled and nodded. Julie began to rub diaper cream into Jasmine's crotch and bum. "To keep away diaper rash" she explained, smiling. She reached into the diaper bag and pulled a fresh nappy and a new pair of plastic panties. "Oh, look honey," she exclaimed, holding the plastic pants up for Jasmine to see. "Minnie Mouse!" she said pointing to the large drawing of baby Minnie on the seat. Jasmine blushed as Julie pined the new diaper around her fanny. Moments later, Jasmine found herself zipped up tight in the sleeper.
After a little while, Jasmine and Zoe where led back inside. "Bath time for dirty babies!" Annette cooed. She and Julie led the pair up the stairs and to the bathroom. They striped both girls naked (except for their pacifiers) and began to run the water into the tub. Jasmine and Zoe sat on their butts on the cold floor and looked at each other. Then they blushed and looked away. When the water was just right, Julie and Annette put Jasmine and Zoe into the tub. The pair sat waist deep in the warm water, facing each other. Annette and Julie each took a bar of soap and began to wash the babies. The soap roamed all around their small nude bodies, soaping up their most intimate parts. Jasmine felt Julie run the soap down her back and began to rub it over her buns. "Lift" Julie ordered, patting Jasmine's tush. Jasmine blushed and cried out in embarrassment. Julie leaned close to Jasmine and gently whispered "Oh Jasmine! Don't be so upset!" She reached over and began to tickle Jasmines belly and ribs. Jasmine dropped her pacifier into the water and began to giggle and squirm and splash. Julie and Annette laughed at the spectral. Julie Picked the pacifier up and pushed it back into Jasmine's mouth. She eyed Jasmines Downey blond bush and frowned. Babies weren't supposed to have hair down there. She went over to Annette and began to whisper in her ear. Jasmine and Zoe didn't like the look of this…
The two teens giggled and Annette nodded. Julie turned to the pair in the tub. "Auntie Annette and I will be right back. You two stay here." The pair pranced away. Jasmine contemplated running away, but remembering Zoe's painful spell across Julie's lap and decided against it. Instead, she sat back and tried to relax. She didn't have long. Moments later, Julie and Annette returned with a small overnight bag. They set in on the counter and began to dig through it with glee. Moments later, they pulled out a container of Nair! Julie and Annette walked over to the tub and ordered Jasmine and Zoe to stand up. With tears in their eyes, The two babies did as they where told. Julie and Annette stooped down and began to rub the cream onto Jasmine and Zoe's privets. The began to gently bubble a bit, and the girls whined a little. Julie then instructed them to sit down. Jasmine and Zoe did as they where told and cried as their bushes disappeared. As soon as she was sure that the babies little pussies where bare, Julie got the babies out of the bath, dried them off and carried the nude little girls down the hall to Zoe's bedroom. Jasmine caught sight of them in a mirror on the wall, and almost couldn't believe what she saw. There She and Zoe where, being carried down the hall by two girls younger than they where, their bare little bums peaking out. It was all too much!
Julie and Annette took the babies into Zoe's bedroom. Jasmine was shocked as she looked around. The whole room was decorated as a nursery! There was and extra large changing table, all types of stuffed animals and Barbie's and even teddy bare wallpaper! But what shocked Jasmine the most was Zoe's "crib". It was just her regular twin bed, but all around it where bars that reached almost to the ceiling, with a barred door with a lock at the foot! Julie and Annette set the girls onto the large changing table, and began to re-diaper them. Julie first rubbed baby oil into Jasmines crotch and butt, then she rolled her over and began to powder her butt. Next thing Jasmine knew, she was trapped inside another soft diaper. The same Mini mouse plastic pants where pulled up over her bulky diaper and she found herself trapped in her fuzzy pink sleeper once again. She saw that Zoe was dressed in a soft yellow, footed sleeper, with lace around the neck and shoulders. They where lifted once again and carried over to the foot of Zoe's crib. Julie set Jasmine on the floor as the reached into he pocket, pulled out the key and unlocked the door. Julie and Annette Quickly laid Jasmine and Zoe side by side and tucked the pair in. Julie kissed both of the on the forehead while Annette went around to the nightstand beside the crib and turned on the baby monitor. "Now you girls," Julie said, "this baby monitor is very sensitive, and we don't want to hear a peep from you, or Auntie Julie and Auntie Annette will come up here and spank little babies." She gave Zoe and illustrative pat on her backside. Julie crawled out of the crib and closed and locked the door behind her. "oh, and I want to see those pacifiers in your mouths when we come to wake you up." Annette left, followed by Julie, who turned out the light. "Pleasant dreams, babies." She giggled and closed the door. As they heard their babysitters footsteps move further and further away, Jasmine and Zoe sat up on their knees and hugged tightly. They gently rocked each other and cried in the darkness, until they fell asleep. They where awakened about an hour and a half later by Julie and Annette gently shaking them.
"Come on, sleepy heads," Annette cooed. "Wakey wakey!" The babies groaned and sat up. Julie opened the door and carefully took Jasmine into her arms. She and Annette carried the two babies down stairs to the living room, where Abby and Bridget sat, chatting and drinking tea. They smiled as Julie and Annette deposited their little daughters into their lap. Abby smiled and tickled Jasmine under her chin.
"Hi sweetie." She grinned. "Did you have fun today?" She smiled and tickled Jasmines tummy. She looked to Bridget, who was feeding Zoe from her bottle. "I'd better get this little one home." She turned to Julie and Annette. "Same time tomorrow, girls?" The two baby sitters smiled.
"Oh yes!" answered Annette enthusiastically. Bridget and Abby exchanged pleasantries as Abby left. She opened the back door of the car and plunked Jasmine down in a big Baby car seat!
"Look what mommy got for you today, sweetheart!" She firmly belted Jasmine in and closed the door. Despite the fact that she had just woken up from a nap, Jasmine felt very tired and soon drifted off, wondering what tomorrow would bring…

They say time moves slowly for those in prison. If that's true, can you imagine how slow the past month had moved for Jasmine and Zoe, Dressed as babies, confined to cribs and playpens, drinking from baby bottles?
It had been almost a month since that first day. Julie and Annette had been coming every day to sit for Jasmine and Zoe. They even popped in most weekends, just to see how they where!
It was about 1:00 in the afternoon on Saturday, and Jasmine, Zoe and their mothers where sitting out on Jasmines deck. The two babies sat on the same large pink blankets, Jasmine in a skimpy pink baby doll that barley covered the top of her diaper, Zoe only had on her diaper and a tee shirt that barely covered her navel. They where pretending to play Barbie's while their mothers chatted away about their fate.
"You know, Abby," said Bridget, "I think the girls have been neglecting their friends." Zoe and Jasmine looked at each other. This sounded bad…
"I think you're right!" Exclaimed Abby. "Now what can we do about that…I know! Let's throw them a slumber party with some of their big girl friends!" Jasmine and Zoe began to cry and Jasmine wet her diaper.
It didn't take long to round up all the girls' friends. Some of them thought it was strange that Jasmine and Zoe's mom's where calling, but the lure of free food, videos and a big surprise was too much for them to resist. At about five, the guests began to show up. First, there was Suzy. Suzy was a very pretty and petite blond. She was the stereotypical Cheerleader, long, curly blond hair, big blue eyes and just dim enough to be endearing. The next to arrive was Beth. Beth was different from Jasmine and Zoe's other friend's. She was very pretty, but she was also very tall and muscular. Her long blond hair came down almost to her bum, and she had it tired in a pony tail. Even Julie and Annette came! Abby and Bridget gather the four in the living room.
"What's going on?" asked a slightly annoyed Beth.
"Like, Yeah," chimed Suzy. "Where's Jasmine 'n Zoe, or something?"
"Well," began Abby, "there's a bit of a surprise for you girls. You see, Jasmine and Zoe are in the middle of a punishment and… Well…"
Perhaps it would be best if the guests could see the girls?" Suggested Bridget.
"Wonderful Idea!" Exclaimed Abby , clapping loudly. "This way, girls…"
The four teens followed the two blushing, giggling ladies to the set of French doors that lead to Jasmines family room. There was a large curtain covering the large windows.
"We know how much you girls are looking foreword to the sleep over, but first, We think you should know the whole story," began Bridget.
"Why don't we just show them?" Abby giggled.
"What a wonderful Idea!" Exclaimed Bridget, clapping her hands. She opened the door…
Suzy and Beth gasped. Julie and Annette could hardly contain their excitement! There, in the middle a playpen with that where five feet high sat Jasmine and Zoe. Jasmine was wearing a cute pink sundress that just barley covered the top of her diapers. Zoe was in a tiny little t-shirt with a lion cub on it, diapers and plastic panties with "ABC" Blocks all over them.
"OH..MY GOD!" Beth exclaimed! She hurried over to the playpen and began to tickle Jasmine's stomach . "You two look so cute!!" She Beth giggles as Jasmine squirmed and tried to get away. Beth stood and looked to Abby and Bridget.
"Well, I guess you can tell that this is no ordinary Slumber party," Abby chirped excitedly. "I hope you won't mind babysitting!" she cheered. Bridget stepped in.
"They need to be fed and bathed. There's money on the table for videos, preferably age appropriate, and food for the big girls. The babies food is in the fridge."
"Now, there is something we should show you older girls" Abby said. The Moms lead the baby sitters into the next room. Moments later, Jasmine and Zoe heard the baby sitters laughing. They shot each other a nervous look. Seconds later, the big girls where back in the room. Beth moved to the playpen, reached in and started tackling Jasmine under the chin.
"Lets go to the video store!" 
As Beth Carried her into the living room, Jasmine saw what they where laughing at. There, in the middle of the room, where two wheelchairs that had been converted into strollers. They had straps that fit over their crotches, and where decorated pink with yellow flowers. The large back wheels had been replaced with two small ones, like the ones on the front. A canopy attached to two polls helped protect the babies from the hot sun. The Girls Giggled as they set Jasmine and Zoe in the chairs, belted them in and pushed in their pacifiers. Beth tweaked Jasmine's nose and kissed her forehead.
"You be good now," she whispered. With that, Jasmine and Zoe where wheeled towards their next humiliation.
The marry little band set off to the video store. It wasn't far, and, since it was warm out, they decided to walk. Julie and Annette pushed the babies, while Suzie and Beth carried the diaper bags. The gang chatted away, laughing and giggling. Jasmine and Zoe shot each other a worried glance, and Jasmine noticed that Zoe had tears running down her cheeks. Jasmine shifted her butt around to scratch an itch. Julie reached under the canopy and placed her hand on Jasmines head.
"No squirming, sweetie," she grinned. She was enjoying this way too much! She couldn't wait until they where at the video store and she could really show the babies off!
Beth was wondering why she was enjoying this so much. After all, Jasmine and Zoe where supposed to be her friends. Why was she enjoying seeing them so humiliated? She saw Julie telling Jasmine not to squirm and couldn't help smiling. They both just looked so cute! She began to have visions of sitting Jasmine on her lap, doing her hair, changing her diapers… She giggled a little. Her life had just become a little more interesting.
It only took a quick look at the clerk at the video store to send Jasmine and Zoe into hysterics. It was Stacy Carmack! Stacy dropped the magazine she was reading and began to giggle.
"OH…MY…GOD!" She mouth had formed an astonished little 'o'. "What's going on?!" she asked.
"They're being punished!" Annette said in a matter-of-fact fashion. Stacy bent down in front of Zoe. She tickled her belly and tweaked her nose.
"Tooooooo cute!" She giggled. She looked up at Beth. "you know, I'd be more than happy to recommend some good children's movies…"

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