Sunday, 30 December 2012

Learn your ABCs

  • “A” is for ‘ABDL’, which is my favorite kink
  • “B” is for ‘bulges’, which I nuzzle in worship
  • “C” is for ‘cock’, which parts my melted thighs
  • “D” is for ‘diapers’, my joy and my torment
  • “E” is for ‘electricity,’ which Mommy runs through my body
  • “F” is for ‘fire’, which Mommy uses to burn me
  • “G” is for ‘giant’, the size cock I desire
  • “H” is for ‘hush’, as binky parts my lips
  • “I” is for ‘ice’, which Mommy runs down my chest
  • “J” is for ‘jockstraps’, I smell and think of boys
  • “K” is for ‘karate’, which won’t save me from trouble
  • “L” is for ‘love’, I give it to Mommy
  • “M” is for ‘meek’, which describes a good slave
  • “N” is for ‘naughty’, which gets baby spanked
  • “O” is for ‘orgasm,’ something BIG people get
  • “P” is for ‘plushies’, I love to cuddle with them all
  • “Q” is for ‘question’, something slaves never do
  • “R” is for ‘rumbly’, when Mommy fills my tummy
  • “S” is for ‘squirm’, at the thought of cute boys
  • “T” is for ‘tongue’, how sluts say “hello!”
  • “U” is for ‘underwear’, for which I get nappies <3
  • “V” is for ‘vibrator’, which Mommy tortures me with
  • “W” is for ‘wish’, and I just wish to please
  • “X” is for ‘x-ray’, ‘cause Mommy sees through me
  • “Y” is for ‘yearn’, baby yearns for thick cock
  • “Z” is for ‘zoo’, where the best sissies belong <3

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas Post

Hi everyone I have a few things for you this year the first is the latest chapters of the story that started all the way back in Halloween and then I shall follow with a caption.

Here is ALL the story to date.

The Halloween where it all went wrong.

Chapter 1 – the start of it.

Anne was sat there in her full and totally overflowing diaper wondering where it had all gone wrong, her friends and family couldn’t remember her and she could barely do anything for herself so as she sucked on her Pacifier she looked back at what had happened.
It all started on Halloween she was 19 and went out Trick Or Treating her mother had warned her that it was babyish and the local witch wouldn’t like it if she knocked on her front door, Anne had just replied “yeah yeah you could have fooled me when I was 8 mum but that won’t wash now.”
As it turned out Anne was having plenty of luck that year and by the time she got to house number 40 at the end of the street her and her friends Beth and Ruth had to pop to Beth’s house to get themselves pillow cases and they were nearly all full so they decided to do this last house and not bother with the other streets. “ooohh” Beth said shivering “I think we should skip this house it doesn’t feel right.” In almost a mocking tone Ruth said “why cos’ that’s where the witch lives?” Anne undeterred said “there’s no such thing.” Beth and Ruth agreed with Anne “its just silly” Beth said trying to reassure herself, “silly superstition” Ruth said trying to do the same, however they both elected to stay behind and let Anne go first.

Chapter 2 – the abduction.

Anne walked up to the front door of the witches house and as she did so it opened as if by itself, “Its just a shift in the air pressure” Anne reasoned with herself “it happens all the time at home.” She knocked on the now open door, “Come in Dear” the witch said “just help yourself to as many of the treats you want, don’t forget your friends out there in the cold they need some as well.” After helping herself to more than her fair share Anne walked back toward the front door and as she did so it slammed shut, on the back of the now closed door was a sign “TRICK” it said in big bold letters.
Anne naturally reached out for the door handle and as she did so the many locks on the door all locked themselves, it was then Anne realised how much s**t she was in.

Chapter 3 - The s**t Anne is in.

Anne had already thought she was in it quite deep but she had not expected what happened next. The witch, an old lady with silver hair walked into the corridor Anne was in, “I’ve been expecting you Anne” the Witch said “in fact your 30 minutes late “we had to stop off at Beth’s house to get pillowcases for our candy” Anne declared “It took a while to find some” she said again before the Witch could open her mouth.
“Well then I better show you around Anne” as the witch said that Anne suddenly became aware of a padding in-between her legs, a soft warm thing covering her whole body and a plastic taste in her mouth. “What’s happening” Anne exclaimed “this is the downstairs toilet...” the Witch said ignoring the comment as if it hadn’t even been said “Oh good” exclaimed Anne “I need the toilet” “...which will be kept locked at all times, as will the upstairs bathroom when you’re not in it with me” “where else but in your diaper dear, did you not notice it between your legs?” Anne looked sown to find that the plastic taste was a Pacifier ad the warm soft feeling was a footed sleeper and the padding between her legs was a diaper. “But I’m not a baby, I can’t use these.” “you can and you will” after being shown round the rest of the lower floor including the kitchen with a large high chair and the TV with parental lock she was taken upstairs and shown her crib.
By this point Anne had given up trying to reason with the Witch, she also had a wet diaper so the witch put a plastic pants cover over her diaper and took her into the bathroom upstairs where Anne thought she was going to have a bath. “Please can I use the toilet, I feel soo bunged up” before Anne could continue the witch interrupted and said “No you cannot use the toilet but I can do something for you being bunged up.” Anne was blindfolded and her hands and legs were bound then she was put into the bath in the crawling position.

Chapter 4 – what happened next?

Anne was put into the bath in the crawling position with her hands and legs bound; to make it worse she couldn’t see as she was also blindfolded. All Anne could hear was an occasional squeak then suddenly she felt the Witch pulling down her diaper and plastic pants and inserting some sort of thick hose into her arse, the witch kept pushing until it felt like another push would push it up into her stomach. “This will unblock your drains Anne” the witch said as a gush of cold water filled her arse and as she felt it fill her back slowly arched so her head was nearer the floor of the bath and 8 humiliating seconds later her diaper was overflowing and full.
Anne as taken back to her crib and given a bottle of milk that Anne didn’t dare refuse, unknown to Anne the milk was drugged and by the bottom of the bottle she couldn’t co-ordinate herself.
Anne was sat there in her full and totally overflowing diaper wondering where it had all gone wrong, her friends and family couldn’t remember her and she could barely do anything for herself so as she sucked on her Pacifier she looked back at what had happened and soon fell asleep.

Chapter – 5 The day before the day before Christmas.

It was December 23rd and Anne’s mind had long since cracked at the begging of the month, the Witch had started to wonder if it was ever going to happen.
“Good morning Anne” the witch said walking into Anne’s nursery “just 1 ½ more days until your friends come round and join you, look I got two more beds over there with locking covers so I can go out and leave you all here together.”
“veyl swop roo” “what’s that Anne, your being naughty again, better take you to the bathroom.” As Anne was pulled into the bathroom and strapped onto a board. Anne then heard that far too familiar dreaded squeak of the witch unscrewing the shower head and then she felt a sharp pain as it was shoved up her arse until it wouldn’t go any further. A diaper was then taped up over her and the tap was turned to cold and set to full. “Oooooooh” Anne moaned as her guts filled with ice cold water. Anne tried to resist it but very soon her diaper was full of mush and she went silent.
The witch unstrapped her legs and pulled up some plastic pants so that she wouldn’t leak all over the floor “now let’s take you downstairs and put the TV on ok and if you’re a good girl I might change you before bedtime, if you’re lucky.” Anne soon forgot that she was sitting in a loaded diaper when she was put in front of the TV.

Chapter 6 – Christmas Eve.

Anne woke up at 12:00, she had fallen asleep in front of the TV and the witch had somehow managed to get her upstairs and lock the top of her crib over so she couldn’t get out, Anne had to stay in her crib in her loaded diaper until 1.00 and by the time the Witch came to get her, her diaper was overflowing into her plastic pants.
“Aww Annie did you have an accident on top of yesterdays enema?...” the witch said in a patronising voice “...Well I’m sorry to say that as part of your punishment you’re not going to get changed until bedtime tonight so let’s get you in another pair of plastic pants shall we my dear.”

Anne moaned as she sat in her oversized high chair the squishy poop was constantly shifting, finding new and more uncomfortable crevices to creep into all the time, Anne knew that it was getting worse because of her fidgeting but the more it happened the more it made her fidget, to make it worse the witch was feeding her a “special” blend of baby food that she had knocked up that kept her Adult body nourished but at the same time making all her functions baby like, this particular blend was very nasty as it seemed to have a very strong laxative effect the effects of which meant that  her first pair of plastic pants from yesterdays enema was now bulging with her squishy poo.
After breakfast Anne was given a bottle of milk that reduced her to a playful baby that was not even aware of messing or wetting her diapers and put into her play pen in front of the TV today was a new episode of Thomas The Tank Engine, Anne had always liked Thomas The Tank Engine right back from when she was actually a baby. Suddenly just for a moment the spell wore off and Anne got up freaked out that she was in a strange house in a diaper overflowing into plastic pants that were now overflowing into another set of plastic pants as a final result of breakfast suddenly the witch materialised in front of Anne realising something was wrong put her hand on her head and uttered some totally incomprehensible words that forced Anne back down into her playpen and onto her side asleep.

Chapter 6 – Christmas Eve.
                Subchapter 2 – Anne wakes up after the incident.

“*muffled tones* Amufle  *Anne distantly* Anne...” Anne was still very drowsy but she could understand some of what was being said something about why had she fallen asleep in the middle of Thomas The Tank something about “I thought you loved that show” it was getting clearer now apparently it was now bedtime and time for her first diaper change in days, whilst Anne had been asleep she had lost all control of her bodily functions and the second pair of plastic pants were now leaking urine AND poo.
Anne felt better after a diaper change but she still couldn’t remember why she had fallen asleep she couldn’t remember feeling tired but soon she was suckling on a warm bottle of milk and fell asleep, the last thing she heard was “don’t worry Anne soon you will have your friends here with you, to play with.

Chapter 7 - Christmas Day
Anne woke up on Christmas day and she felt good, she couldn’t quite figure out why but she felt this was going to be a good day, was she just regressing into childhood? She didn’t know.
Merry Christmas Anne, did you have a nice sleep? Well I hope you’re hungry because I have been making a special turkey drink for you so you better eat up, and since you didn’t wet your diapie you can have an extra helping, oh and remember your friends are coming round for lunch so be sure not to mess your diapie or they will have to change you, ok?

Once Anne had finished her turkey mush breakfast which was surprisingly nice they went into the lounge and opened some presents Anne got a picture of her friends and some toys to play with until they arrived and very soon it was 12.00 and the witch started getting ready for the arrival of the guests, she lay the table in the dining room, and then went upstairs with 2 sets of waterproof and normal bed sheets for the extra cribs. At a little after 12.30 the girls arrived and the witch locked the door behind them and they all went into the dining room where Anne was lifted up into an oversized high chair and the others sat down and ate lunch

Chapter 7 Christmas day
Subchapter 2 – After lunch

After lunch it was time for the communal present opening, they all shared out their presents and finally there were only 2 left, 1 for Beth and 1 for Ruth, they were gold rings with some kind of inscription in them both girls put on the rings symotansly and suddenly the 3 girls were upstairs in their cribs with the lids locked down, the witch walked in and handed them all a bottle of laxative regresser milk.
Then suddenly they all fell asleep...

To be continued...

now here is the caption (not made by me)

A Christmas bedtime story part 1

A Christmas bedtime story part 2

Well there you go thats the end of my christmas post sorry it was late though.

Monday, 10 December 2012

My first AB/DL/ABDL Caption Story

The story is called, Don't make fun of a bed wetting witch
here it is.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Does anyone know how to make a caption picture story?

I think there either referd to as picture storys or captions but does anyone know how to create one? just comment for me and then I will create one for you